To meet people who are interested in cinema, watch movies together and discuss about them. Ages 13-29.

Meeting at 17.45 in NuPa NuortenPaikka, Kouvolankatu 28, 3rd floor.
Starting to watch the film at 18.00 and finishing around 20.00 and then discussing about it.

Cinema meetings 2019:
Monday 11.11. at 18.00 Le Havre, Aki Kaurismäki (2011)
Tuesday 26.11. at 18.00 The Marriage of Maria Braun, R.W. Fassbinder (1978)
Monday 9.12. at 18.00 The Assissination of Jesse James by The Coward Robert Ford, Andrew Dominik (2007)

2020 film screenings will be on every other Tuesday starting from 13.1.20 until 21.4.20, eight times during the spring.

Päivitetty 8.11.2019